Severity of a New York Embezzlement Charge

Prosecutors treat embezzlement cases incredibly harshly. This is because white collar crime is no better, or no worse than street crime. Just because an individual may be a hedge funder, working in the financial sector, or any other sort of white collar worker, does not mean that the court will take the charge lightly.

Due to the severity of a New York embezzlement charge, an individual should not hesitate before contacting an experienced attorney. A theft attorney in New York can build a case to help minimize or dismiss any potential penalties associated with your charge.

Harm Caused

The crime of embezzlement can severely hurt an individual. The smaller the business and the more money the person is stealing, the more it can directly impact an individual’s business endeavors.

This crime may cause an individual or business owner to ask themselves:

  • Can I pay for college?
  • Can I pay my loans?
  • Can I pay my mortgage?
  • Do I have to downsize?
  • Are there legal commitments that I may have and that I now cannot fulfill?
Severity of the Charge

The DA’s office, police, and judges are often very assertive in their positions whether it is in terms of bail, jail, restitution, or the person’s criminal record.

This does not mean that the person is guilty, they still have the right to prove that they did not commit the crime, but the prosecutors may not be so quick to inflict minimal penalties.

Just because embezzlement is a white-collar crime does not mean that it is not violent, and that individuals did not sustain severe loss. The district attorney will be heavy handed with the penalties, and an individual should secure legal representation as soon as possible.

Uniqueness of the Crime

In terms of the uniqueness of an embezzlement crime, the laws are different in every state. There are more unique factors in New York City because of Wall Street.

There are more hedge funds and financial industries in New York, which can contribute to the severity of an embezzlement crime.

Another unique thing about embezzlement crimes in New York is that a person may have stolen something or committed a crime in New York, but if the individual flees the state, they can still be extradited back to New York to face the consequences of their crime. Just because the person is not physically in New York does not mean that the theft did not occur in New York.

For example, American Express is based in New York. If a person is using an American Express card to commit these crimes and American Express wants to be the victim as opposed to the company, they can get jurisdiction for fraudulent transactions to American Express. It may not be a crime of embezzlement anymore, it may be some form of theft, but American Express can bring the jurisdiction to New York.

New York has huge abilities and capacities to exert its long arm on the law. Due to this, the severity of an embezzlement crime in New York is substantial, and any individual facing a charge should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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