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Whether you are involved in an investigation, you are in custody subsequent to an arrest for alleged criminal conduct, or the eve of trial is drawing near, there is no substitute for experience, advocacy, and knowledge. Armed with the combined foundation of decades of service as prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Trial and Investigation Divisions as well as the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, District of New Jersey, and Main Justice in Washington, D.C., the criminal lawyers at Saland Law are prepared to guide you through what may be the most intimidating and unfamiliar legal process that you will ever encounter. Saland Law’s experience in the practice of criminal law and related areas is equal to our dedication to the men and women whom we serve. We represent people in New York City and Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties, as well as throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Saland Law recognizes the magnitude of what is at stake for each and every client, including the potential of incarceration and a lifelong criminal record. The possibility of being saddled with an Order of Protection, stripped of your child’s custody, or attacked by an extorter or harasser cannot be ignored. The criminal attorneys at our New York firm will stop at nothing within the framework of the law to realize your ultimate goal. Regardless of the issue that you face, if it involves the criminal law or any related matters, Saland Law is ready to provide you with the counsel that you need and deserve.

Federal Crimes

Charges brought under federal law usually involve crimes that cross state boundaries or national borders or that occur on federal property. For example, federal law covers many types of white collar crimes, gun crimes, immigration crimes, and crimes against national security. Procedures in federal criminal courts are different from procedures in state courts, and often penalties for federal crimes are harsher than penalties for similar state crimes. In some cases, a federal crime may carry a mandatory minimum sentence, which means that the judge does not have discretion to sentence a defendant to a lesser prison term based on mitigating factors.

Our firm features counsel who as a former Assistant United States Attorney is familiar with the distinctive aspects of practicing in federal court. We represent people facing charges in the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, the District of New Jersey, and other federal courts. We can help you fight for bail, challenge the legality of arrests and indictments, and limit the penalties that you may face. Our criminal defense attorneys may even be able to resolve a matter on your behalf before it reaches the courtroom. If you are under investigation by the FBI, the Secret Service, or another federal agency, we can step into the process promptly and advocate for you.

Domestic Violence

New York prosecutors take allegations of Domestic Violence very seriously. They can have a significant impact on not only your criminal record but also your relationship with your children and other family members. While many instances of Domestic Violence are physical, such as Assault or Strangulation, some of these crimes involve behaviors such as Aggravated Harassment or Stalking. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to learn that accusations of Domestic Violence and associated arrests are a product of improper motives including those related to matrimonial, financial or other interpersonal issues. The accuser may be trying to take revenge on a former partner or spouse due to the breakdown of a relationship, or they may be trying to get an advantage in a child custody dispute, among other reasons. No matter if a complainant exaggerated, misrepresented, or is being truthful, at Saland Law, our criminal defense lawyers can help New York residents protect their rights against wrongful accusations to best put you in the position to have your charges reduced, dropped or dismissed.

Theft and Larceny Crimes

New York prosecutors may charge a defendant with a theft crime if they take or withhold property from its rightful owner. These offenses range from shoplifting and other forms of Petit Larceny to complex crimes like Embezzlement or Extortion. Many theft crimes contain several elements, each of which must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, a criminal lawyer in New York may be able to help you avoid a conviction if they can attack the prosecution’s ability to prove the intent element of a crime. Perhaps the defendant reasonably believed that they had a right to the property or that the owner had given it to them. No matter the nature of the theft arrest or the amount involved, misdemeanors and felonies can be mitigated or reduced with the assistance of the right legal counsel.

White Collar Crimes

Similar to theft crimes, white collar crimes generally do not involve any violence or physical injuries to a victim. They are often motivated by the prospect of financial gain, and they may be charged under both federal and state laws. Some common examples of white collar crimes include Cybercrimes and Computer offenses, Grand Larceny, Scheme to Defraud, Insider Trading, Identity Theft, Money Laundering, Enterprise Corruption and Racketeering. At Saland Law, we are familiar with the nuances of these complex charges. We may be able to prove that you did not intend to commit the crime, that you were unaware other people at your organization were committing the offense, or no criminal enterprise existed at all. Other possible defenses in these cases include exposing the prosecution’s inability to establish all criminal elements, confirm you were the offender or an accomplice and other strategic avenues including entrapment, claim of right and mitigation.

Fraud Crimes

Our New York criminal lawyers often represent people charged with credit card fraud and other types of consumer fraud, as well as Forgery and related crimes. In general, fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives a victim and gains an advantage because the victim relied on the deception. These cases are a type of white collar crime, and often similar defenses apply. Whether the crime is one of Forgery, Criminal Possession of a False Instrument, Falsifying Business Records, Offering a False Instrument for Filing, or similar offense, we can investigate the details of your situation to determine the weakest areas of the prosecution’s case and use those weaknesses to pursue a dismissal or plea bargain.

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested for possessing, manufacturing, or trafficking in controlled substances, you may face years in prison and substantial fines. However, you should not assume that you have no options. For example, we may be able to raise a defense under the Constitution if the police or prosecution violated your rights in collecting evidence. The Fourth Amendment protects you from certain types of searches and seizures. If the police seized drugs from your home or car without a warrant or probable cause, we could potentially file a motion to suppress the evidence of the drugs. Whether the narcotics or drugs are of the prescription variety like Adderall or Oxycodone or illegal in any form such as cocaine or heroin, your options and defenses may be extensive. This could result in the evidence being excluded, which may severely hamper the prosecution’s ability to prove a drug crime case. No matter if your arrest is of a personal use and misdemeanor nature or a felonious crime involving the intent to sell, our attorneys have confronted these cases on behalf of clients with equal vigor and success.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in New York can lead to serious penalties and the loss of your license. You can be arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or greater. DWAI (driving while ability impaired) is a related violation that may be charged if your BAC is 0.07 or far less. Whereas DWI is a crime, DWAI is a traffic infraction. Someone who has been arrested for a DWI without an extremely high BAC may be able to plead down to a DWAI and receive reduced penalties. Our New York criminal attorneys can help you craft a strategy to fight a drunk driving charge, which may involve challenging the basis for the stop or the way in which tests of your BAC were conducted. From Aggravated DWI and Leandra’s Law to the Portable Breath Test and Ignition Interlock, there are numerous issues to examine and vet when implementing the best defensive strategies. Fortunately for many clients, whether before or after trial, our advocacy has allowed them to “walk away” without criminal records.

Sex Crimes

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you may need to register as a sex offender, which can undermine your reputation and career opportunities. The high stakes in these cases make it critical to enlist a criminal lawyer in New York who can carefully investigate the events leading to the charges and best avoid SORA. Many sex crime cases hinge on the relative credibility of the accuser and the alleged perpetrator. We can identify any gaps in the accuser’s recollection of events and help you present a thorough account of what happened from your perspective and that of your witnesses. Consent also may be a valid defense in some cases involving interactions between adults. Other types of sex crimes, such as child pornography or other Internet sex crimes, may involve more sophisticated arguments. Even if you cannot defeat the charge entirely, we may be able to secure a favorable plea deal.

Victims of Extortion, Blackmail, Stalking & Harassment

There are few things more frightening than finding yourself the target of Blackmail, Extortion, Sextortion, Stalking, or any other form of harassing behavior by an ex-lover, former intimate partner, one night stand, or crew willing to tear your life down in order to reach their callously selfish goal. Diluted with a false sense of hope their terror will end if they submit to an abuser's demands, far too many Extortion victims unwittingly jeopardize their name, career, and family by relinquishing power and money to a harasser fueled by boundless greed. Because the slightest misstep can compromise your life today and far beyond tomorrow, securing counsel with in-depth legal knowledge of this unique area of law, along with hands-on experience and a proven record shutting down both known and "anonymous" violators, is critical. Whether working with investigators to discreetly and expeditiously confront your blackmailer with a cease-and-desist memorandum, building a case to present directly to prosecutors without risking your privacy and the urgency of your protection to local police or other agencies, obtaining a Family Court Order of Protection to provide you with an extra layer of security, or a combination of strategies, Saland Law will put you in the best place to safely move your life forward. Called the "A-Team" of ex-lawmen extracting victims from extortionate and similar schemes, our lawyers and investigators will take all necessary steps within the four corners of the law to end the nightmare of your victimization.

Victims of Revenge Porn

We sympathize with victims of Online Harassment, Cyberbullying, Revenge Porn, and Sextortion. If you have been affected by any of these behaviors, you should know that you have legal rights. We can help you file a DMCA Takedown Notice to remove the offensive material from its original location, and we can also help you ensure that people cannot access it through search engines. In addition, we can explore the possibility of filing criminal charges against the perpetrator and getting an Order of Protection against them to prevent a recurrence of this conduct. Our attorneys also can help victims bring a civil claim for emotional distress and punitive damages when appropriate. Whether confronting your victimizer with a compelling cease and desist letter, presenting a case for prosecution directly to the District Attorney’s Office, or commencing some other action in our outside of the court system, our former prosecutors will pursue the legal avenues to end your abuser’s attempts at humiliation and shame.

Family Court Orders of Protection

Our attorneys also can help you secure an Order of Protection or fight back against an unwarranted Restraining Order issued by a Family Court. A limited or full Order of Protection can shield an individual against someone who is harassing them or committing an offense under the Family Court Act. It can be issued on a victim’s behalf against someone whom they were dating as well as a former spouse or a sibling. While a full Stay Away Order prevents any contact at all by the subject, a limited Order of Protection allows ordinary and reasonable contact but will result in a criminal charge if harassment, violent, or other prohibited conduct occurs. We can help you understand which type of order may be appropriate in your case, draft the petition to file with the Family Court in a complete and accurate manner, represent you in court and engage the other side’s counsel to efficiently resolve what is no doubt a stressful and anxiety filled experience.

College Arrests, Disciplinary Hearings and Title IX

A college student who has allegedly engaged in misconduct may face not only a criminal investigation by the local District Attorney and resulting charges, but a Dean’s disciplinary hearing or Title IX investigation as well. Many of these hearings involve incidents related to sexual interactions and gender based misconduct and harassment between students. Other disciplinary cases and code of conduct infractions may involve alcohol, drugs, assault or even cheating on exams. Whether or not you are not convicted of any charge, you may be found to have violated Title IX and university code of conduct rules. Further, the standard of proof is lower than in criminal proceedings and without the benefits of Due Process. At Saland Law, we have represented many college students whose future has been at risk in these hearings as well as those who are the victims of campus wrongdoing. Because we understand the central importance of preserving your education and career path in school and well beyond, we will fight and advocate on your behalf to best protect you in the moment and in the future.

Asset Forfeiture

Although an arrest is not necessary to seize property and money, if a defendant commits a theft crime or another crime in which they receive property, law enforcement may start the asset forfeiture process. Even if the alleged criminal conduct does not involve a larceny, federal and state prosecutors and law enforcement can confiscate any assets and proceeds obtained through the criminal activity, as well as instrumentalities used in committing the crime. Certain limits apply to this process, however, such as certain protections against the forfeiture of real estate in most cases other than drug crimes. Our criminal attorneys can help New York defendants, as well as those in other states, fight back against improper or excessive asset forfeiture so that their property is preserved.


Many people from countries around the world come to the United States to join their family members or explore career opportunities. We recognize that the contributions of immigrants have played a role in making this nation strong, and we can assist you in seeking legal status in the U.S and protecting the same if you are arrested for or accused of a crime. This may involve getting a temporary visa or pursuing a green card, which would make you a permanent resident in the U.S. If you are already living in this country and want to establish deeper roots here, we can guide you through the citizenship process as well. As criminal attorneys, meanwhile, we are keenly aware of the potential consequences of an arrest or conviction on your immigration status. We will make sure to explain those to you and bear them in mind if we are defending you against charges.

Retain a Criminal Attorney in New York to Start Fighting for Your Rights

Whether you are a defendant accused of criminal wrongdoing, a target of extortion, or a foreign national starting a new life in the U.S., Saland Law is conscious of the countless dangers that lurk ahead. Irrespective of your legal issue, you need to take the steps today to protect yourself today as well as tomorrow. You may have only one chance to properly defend or protect yourself. With your liberty, name, career, future, and family on the line, there is no substitute for experience, advocacy, and knowledge. Contact Saland Law online or at 212-312-7129 for a free consultation so that we can identify your strongest defense or strategy.

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... I was facing a class B felony and potentially tens of thousands in fines and some legit jail time and after hiring Jeremy Saland he obviously struck enough fear into the prosecutors with his sheer litigation might that it was knocked down to a petty misdemeanor and after a few sheckles and a handful of counseling sessions, I will no longer have a criminal record. The offices of Saland Law are the Shaq and Kobe of criminal defense in New York City and to even consider another firm is outright blasphemy. I stand by this statement 100% Evan
Let me start by saying how amazing Liz Crotty is! I am a resident of California, who needed representation for my son who received a desk citation while he was visiting NYC. Liz jumped on the case right away; she was very thorough in explaining things to me. She is strictly business too! She went to court on my son's behalf and had his case dismissed. I am forever grateful to her. Seana G.
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