New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether you are the target of or witness in an investigation by the Federal Government or State of New York, you are in custody subsequent to an arrest for alleged criminal conduct or the eve of trial is drawing near, there is no substitute for experience, advocacy and knowledge. Armed with the combined foundation of decades of service as prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Trial and Investigation Divisions as well as the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, District of New Jersey and Main Justice in Washington DC, the New York criminal lawyers at Crotty Saland PC is prepared to guide you through what may be the most intimidating and unfamiliar legal process you will ever encounter. Not merely equipped to defend you at trial, challenge evidence at the earliest stage or mitigate your alleged conduct, Crotty Saland PC’s experience in the practice of criminal law, and matters associated with or related to the same, is equal to our dedication to the men and women we serve. Whether you have any criminal or collateral issue in New York City – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx – or the Hudson Valley – the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange – know that Crotty Saland’s advocacy is second to none.

Crotty Saland PC recognizes the magnitude of what is at stake for each and every client. Beyond the potential of incarceration and a lifelong criminal record, being saddled with an order of protection, stripped of your child’s custody, decimated by an extorter or harasser, losing countless dollars to an embezzler, or finally securing the “expungement” of a criminal conviction whose dues you have long since paid, Crotty Saland PC will stop at nothing within the framework of the law to realize your ultimate goal. To that end, our focus is zealously representing you in all stages of criminal defense, juvenile criminal proceedings, Family Court order of protection litigation, Family Court neglect, support and custody proceedings, internal and interpersonal investigations involving matters from Embezzlement to Blackmail, the sealing of your criminal record and immigration. Whatever issue you face, if it involves the criminal law or any direct or collateral matters, Crotty Saland PC is both ready and capable of providing you with the counsel you need and deserve.

New York State Criminal Defense: Felony Crimes and Offenses

There are few, if any, greater fears one can have than being accused of or arrested for a felony offense in New York. Whether indicted by a Grand Jury or charged on a felony complaint, Crotty Saland PC’s felony defense lawyers and former Assistant District Attoreny’s know that facing such a prosecution is overwhelming. Felony charges, the most serious in the New York Penal Law, run the gamut of illegality. These offenses – White Collar crimes, Violent crimes, Non-Violent crimes, Computer and Cybercrimes, Weapon crimes, Drug crimes and Sex crimes – are punishable by not mere years, but potentially decades in prison. Whether the investigation, indictment or trial you face in New York City or the Hudson Valley involves First Degree Grand Larceny Embezzlement, Second Degree Assault, Second Degree Strangulation, Third Degree Criminal Tax Fraud, Second Degree Criminal Mischief, Enterprise Corruption or any other felony offense, a sound and well-orchestrated defense by a criminal defense lawyer in New York is critical to best limit your exposure and protect your future.

Although it is difficult to remain calm in the moment, know that the criminal defense lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC have the ability to help you break free from the nightmare you find yourself. While your defense may be quite different if you are testifying before a Grand Jury for a Fifth Degree Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance arrest in Manhattan after allegedly selling prescription Adderall than if you are litigating your Second Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon charge stemming from your arrest after checking an out-of-state registered firearm at JFK or LaGuardia airport in Queens, the right advocacy today can spare you from incarceration, a crippled career and broken family tomorrow.

New York State Criminal Defense: Misdemeanors and Appearance Tickets

Any misdemeanor criminal conviction, whether it is for Third Degree Assault, Fourth Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Petit Larceny, or Seventh Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, is both permanent and indelible. Even if you are charged by way of a New York City Desk Appearance Ticket or DAT, do not lose sight of the importance of properly resolving your criminal case. Although courts can potentially seal misdemeanor convictions after ten years, the collateral consequences are grave. Not only a permanent stain to your integrity, the immediate and long-term ramifications of a misdemeanor conviction includes the potential loss and destruction of licenses, certifications, residential statuses in the United States and the termination of your continued upward trajectory in life.

Whether you are prosecuted in New York City’s criminal courts or within the Town and Justice Court system in a Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange or Dutchess County municipality, never lose sight of an important fact - your sentencing judge has the right and discretion to sentence you to up to one year in jail for most misdemeanors, whether it is on Rikers Island or its local equivalent. Simply put, you may think that an arrest for shoplifting at a department store, possessing cocaine or Molly, keying a car, refusing to pay your bar bill or taxi after a night of drinking, getting into a fist fight outside a nightclub, having a gravity knife clipped to your inside pocket or any other misdemeanor crime is of limited consequence, but you could not be more incorrect. You can consult with and retain the criminal defense attorneys at the New York firm of Crotty Saland PC, criminal lawyers and former Assistant District Attorneys with vast experience in the criminal court system, to implement your best defense or you can set yourself up for failure and a future hobbled by your own mistakes.

Federal Criminal Defense

When charged with a Federal crime, the success, or failure, of your defense is directly associated with your legal counsel’s knowledge and experience. Crotty Saland PC’s Federal criminal defense attorneys, led by a former Assistant United States Attorney who served in the Eastern District of New York and District of New Jersey, recognize that skilled advocacy is central to best serving the goals of clients inside and outside the courtrooms of the Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, District of New Jersey or any other Federal court. Simply, the right Federal criminal defense team can mean the difference between your success in bail packages, challenging the legality of arrests and indictments, avoiding or limiting incarceration and the complete destruction of your life as you know it. Whether you are a defendant awaiting arraignment before a Federal Magistrate, or a District Court Judge is empaneling a jury, your best criminal defense attorneys in New York are those with the tenacity to stand up for your rights, accurately examine the evidence, and, if warranted, see your case through to trial.

Not only are Crotty Saland PC’s Federal criminal lawyers and White Collar attorneys comprised of trial lawyers trained as prosecutors, but our legal team also assists clients in resolving their respective criminal matters well before they reach a courtroom. Whether you are a target of an investigation by the FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Service or any other Federal agency, or a witnesses to criminal conduct or victim of the same, Crotty Saland PC provides closure and successful resolutions while limiting criminal, financial, personal and public exposure.

Juvenile Criminal Defense: Youthful Offenders, Adolescent Offenders, and Juvenile Delinquents

When a child or young person is accused of a crime, their entire future is at risk. With the Raise the Age legislation passed into law in 2018, there have been a multitude of significant changes to how children and young people are and will be prosecuted in New York courts. Children between eight and fifteen years of age facing allegations of a criminal act are charged as Juvenile Delinquents with committing a "delinquent act" in Family Court, rather than a “crime” in an adult criminal court. Children aged thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen can still be charged as adults when they are accused of committing certain serious, violent felonies. If found guilty, these mere children are then adjudicated "juvenile offenders,” but the consequences can otherwise be similar to any adult convicted of the same offense. Beginning in 2018 and continuing into 2019, New York State is recognizing a new category of defendants, “Adolescent Offenders.” These sixteen and seventeen year olds charged with a misdemeanor will go through essentially the same Juvenile Delinquency process as younger children and those charged with felonies will commence their prosecution in the adult criminal courts. However, the courts can move their cases to Family Court where the law can treat their matters as Juvenile Delinquency cases in certain circumstances. Alternatively, with the right advocacy of a criminal defense lawyer in New York, these young people can receive a “ Youthful Offender Adjudication” even if the case remains in the adult court.

Fighting as aggressively and strategically as possible to protect a child from a bleak future is paramount when her or she is accused of an alleged youthful mistake or indiscretion no matter how serious it may objectively be in the eyes of the criminal justice system. While your child may not be ours, know you can count on the youth crime attorneys and former Assistant District Attorneys at Crotty Saland PC to represent him or her in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties as if we were all part of the same family.

Family Court Orders of Protections and Restraining Orders: Petitioners and Respondents

Sometimes when an arrest is not the first course of action, a petitioner, or complainant, can secure an order of protection in one of New York’s Family Courts. While going to Family Court does not preclude you from Criminal Court, when you need a restraining order to keep an ex-boyfriend, former spouse or woman you had a brief intimate relationship with from harassing you in person and online or stalking you at home and at work, the New York Family Court Act can provide you with an order of protection without involving law enforcement. Just as the restraining order attorneys at Crotty Saland PC have successfully represented both petitioners and respondents, also called defendants, in New York Family Court matters, our former prosecutors can advocate on your behalf to secure an order of protection as a shield against an abuser or defend you against an ex-parte issued restraining order based on fictitious claims.

While Domestic Violence and criminal proceedings can run concurrent to those in Family Court, demanding a potentially more intricate strategy for both respondents and petitioners, the right legal counsel can make the difference between a multi-year long order of protection, a limited restraining order and the removal of any court mandated prohibitions in their entirety. Before pursuing a Family Court order of protection or defending yourself against the issuance of the same in White Plains, Poughkeepsie, Carmel, New City or any Family Court in NYC’s boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx, know that Crotty Saland PC’s NY Family Court lawyers have the practical and real experience to service your particular needs just as we have on behalf of countless clients before.

College and University Defense and Student Advocacy: Title IX and Dean Disciplinary Hearings

Whether it is expulsion, suspension, probation or some other remedy, all colleges and universities in New York City and New York State have the means to enforce their own internal disciplinary rules, codes of conduct, and both NYS and Federal laws. Although the Title IX attorneys and college disciplinary hearing defense lawyers at Crotty Saland PC know first-hand the many similarities universities share in their processes and procedures, every college in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and beyond has some discretion in how they investigate violations and ultimately sanction the accused if there is an adverse finding. Whether you are accused of allegations involving academic dishonesty, criminal conduct, gender discrimination, or sexual misconduct, the ramifications to your education, the potential mark on your official transcript, and the implications to your future are frightening. Not matter if Title IX Investigators are making inquiries, a Committee on Student Discipline is involved, or the Office of Community Standards takes the lead role, Crotty Saland PC has successfully represented clients in all such student misconduct proceedings.

If you face such an investigation from any college in New York – Columbia, NYU, Fordham, St. Johns, Hunter, Pace, Vassar, SUNY Purchase, Barnard, Iona, Marist, Bard and others – be neither hesitant nor afraid to retain legal counsel. Simply, you should stop at nothing to best preserve your reputation, academic standing and education. Remember, instead of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, expulsion, suspension, probation or any other remedy is available with a mere preponderance of the evidence. If you are seeking to enforce a violation of Title IX as a victim of sexual, gender, racial or other misconduct, you are the target of a Dean’s Disciplinary Hearing, or you are involved in any alleged criminal conduct on a college campus, the importance of having the best advocate and strongest legal counsel protecting your rights is invaluable. Know that your failure to retain the right legal advisor can make the difference between the obliteration of all you have worked for in the classroom and continuing to thrive well after you graduate from college or graduate school.

Internal Investigations: Business and Corporate

As unfortunate as it may be, you cannot blindly trust all employees, vendors or partners. With a smile on their respective faces, your bookkeeper, associate, office manager, accountant, and even co-owner can manipulate records, appropriate secret or proprietary information, and steal the funds you need to support or grow your business. From fairly straightforward and unsophisticated Embezzlement schemes, altering transaction records to hide misconduct, skimming from registers, securing computer data and materials with keystroke loggers, accessing personal information of fellow employees, or perpetrating a host of crimes by using your business as a vehicle, an employee or other person who unjustly enriches him or herself with dollars or otherwise can devastate and shutter a company.

Whether you need the legal counsel of Crotty Saland PC’s former prosecutors for your business in Brooklyn, Manhattan, White Plains, New City or any other municipality from the Hudson Valley down through the City of New York, our attorneys’ experiences as Manhattan and Federal prosecutors leading White Collar investigations and as defense attorneys representing those accused of the same crimes, along with our relationship with former NYPD detectives in fields ranging from computer forensics to interrogations, are not merely equipped, but proficient at successfully resolving internal business issues.

Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion, Harassment, Revenge Porn and Stalking: Victim Representation

Whether it is one time or many, threats to expose personal secrets, professional misconduct, marital infidelity, intimate images, or any unethical transgression will eventually become unbearable. Regardless of its veracity, or lack thereof, your accuser's claims, threats and harassment can have horrific consequences to your personal life, family and business relationships. Fueling unparalleled anxiety and depression, your abuser will use Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion, Harassment, Revenge Porn and Stalking to manipulate you to further his or her agenda and goals.

Regardless of how you are being victimized, whether you have in fact done something improper, or you previously surrendered to your harasser’s demands, for the sake of your mental health, career, family and finances, you know the abuse must cease. Armed with vast experience prosecuting these matters as Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys and defending victims in criminal proceedings, Crotty Saland PC has a unique and unparalleled ability to advocate for victims and confront their harassers outside the courtroom, but within the bounds of the law. Whether building cases against extortionists with controlled calls and wiring clients, shutting victimizers down without the assistance of law enforcement, or developing and packaging evidence to provide directly to prosecutors in matters ranging from Stalking to Revenge Porn. Crotty Saland PC’s attorneys have the tools and experience to make your tormentor rue the day he or she decide to make you a target. Described by the New York Daily News as the “A Team…busting blackmailers,” Crotty Saland PC recognizes the importance of discretion and value our clients’ privacy, regardless of the path you determine is best secure the closure you need.

Criminal Record Sealing: NY CPL 160.59 Conviction “Expungement”

Unattainable for decades, criminal record sealing is now a reality for countless people convicted of crimes in New York State. Subject to the eligibility requirements of New York Criminal Procedure Law 160.59, and with the assistance of the criminal record sealing attorneys at Crotty Saland PC, your sentencing judge can now seal up to two criminal convictions. Irrespective of whether you currently reside in New York and your conviction was by voluntary plea or a finding of guilt after a trial, closing an embarrassing chapter of your history to prying eyes and future employers is of immeasurable value. Whether your closed case is in Broome, Erie, Albany, New York, Kings, Orange, Westchester, Queens or any county, sealing your criminal record requires a “deep dive” into your life, accomplishments, the facts of your conviction and much more. Because you have only one opportunity to draft a motion for sealing and the District Attorney has a right to challenge your NY CPL 160.59 application, presenting a concise, detailed, and convincing memorandum to demonstrate why you are a deserving applicant is of critical import. Utilizing our experience and knowledge of the criminal law, not only are the criminal defense attorneys at our New York firm cognizant of all the moving parts and issues associated with NY CPL 160.59, but Crotty Saland PC will bring all of it to bear to best seal your record.

Family Law: Child Custody, Visitation, Support and Neglect

Custody, Visitation, Child Support and Neglect proceedings are the cornerstones of the New York Family Court in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Every county has its own Family Court where the cases are heard and where so much is on the line for petitioners and respondents alike. If there is a criminal component or parallel case being prosecuted in that same jurisdiction, all matters, including those handled by the District Attorney, are routinely sent to the Integrated Domestic Violence or “IDV” Court. When issues arise involving where a child will live, to what extent the non-custodial parent will be granted visitation or “access” to the child, and how the two parents will communicate and make important decisions about the child's education and upbringing, not only do you need experienced Family Law counsel and an attorney intimately familiar with custody and visitation, but a lawyer who can best ensure that your Child Support Petition, or response to the same, is drafted and presented to judge presiding over your case in the strongest and most assertive manner. Similarly, while an allegation of child abuse or neglect may also include an arrest for Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a crime, the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) in the City of New York or Child Protective Services (CPS) in Westchester, Orange, Dutchess, Putnam and Rockland may file a petition to protect a child under the age of 18 who you are suspected of abusing or neglecting. Ultimately, a Family Court abuse attorney, and one also familiar with criminal proceedings, will advise and represent you to contest the allegations, resolve the claims or proceed to a trial or "Fact-Finding Hearing."

Whether or not there is a criminal component to a Family Court case, appearing in any jurisdiction – New York City, Carmel, Poughkeepsie, New City, or White Plains – is as intimidating as it is frightening. With its own unique rules, norms, statutes, and intricacies often demanding the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in handling these kinds of cases, equipping yourself with counsel that can best protect your interest and preserve your family is critical. The New York Family Court lawyers and former prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC have the breadth and scope of knowledge you can count on during your time of crisis.

Domestic Violence Crimes: Criminal Defense and Victim Representation

Having served in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as prosecutors in the Domestic Violence Unit, Crotty Saland PC’s New York Domestic Violence lawyers are keenly familiar with how “DV” crimes are investigated, prosecuted and defended regardless if the cases stems from New York City in Manhattan or the Hudson Valley in Westchester County. Whether the allegations involve misdemeanors, felonies or associated Family Court matters such as custody, orders of protection or divorce, know you can count on the criminal defense lawyers at the New York firm of Crotty Saland PC to stand up for your rights and defend you with the diligence and zealousness you deserve.

Because of the nature of an intimate relationship and the justifiable attention domestic and familial crimes receive by law enforcement in New York City and the Hudson Valley, collecting evidence, addressing collateral issues involving restraining orders, and identifying the many factors that will ultimately form the basis of your defense is critical. Is there a parallel proceeding in Family Court or Supreme Court? Will your case be transferred to the Integrated Domestic Violence Court? Are there prior Domestic Incident Reports or “DIRs?” Knowing the process by which District Attorneys manage these cases, and understanding the great attention afforded to them, Crotty Saland PC’s Domestic Violence criminal defense team is ready to put “all hands on deck” to protect you and your future as they have for countless clients before.

Immigration: Maintaining and Securing Legal Status, Removal and Admissibility

Whether you are seeking to renew, extend or secure an H1B, F1, J1, H1, K, V or any other visa, a green card or citizenship, know that scrutiny by the United States government, ICE, and other agencies is unprecedented. Compounding matters, if you are charged with a crime, such as a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude or an Aggravated Felony, the issues you and your immigration counsel will face to maintain or gain legal status are significantly magnified. Further, should you find yourself inadmissible or the subject of a removal proceeding, the steps you take as early in the process as possible can make difference in your ability to remain or enter the United States legally. Simply, no matter your immigration issue, whether or not it is connected to a criminal conviction or arrest, your future in the United States is on the line.

The immigration lawyers and New York criminal attorneys at Crotty Saland PC can not only preemptively identify the best means to dispose of a criminal case with limited or no implications to your legal status, but our immigration counsel can facilitate the immigration process, ensure your applications are in order and prepare you for interviews should they be required. Not only have we represented clients in these matters successfully, but our knowledge and experience in United States Immigration Court and related immigration proceedings allows Crotty Saland PC to advocate for clients in an unparalleled manner.

Accusations of Financial Frauds by Non-Law Enforcement Agencies

Merely because an accusation of theft, tax fraud or the misappropriation of certain benefits is not presently in the hands of a District Attorney or United States Attorney does not mean that your lapse of judgement or innocent mistake will go either unnoticed or unpunished. In fact, investigations by agencies including the New York City Human Resources Administration, Office of Investigation, Bureau of Fraud Investigation, Office of Medicaid Provider Fraud & Abuse Investigation or other organizations can easily be forwarded to law enforcement for felony prosecution. Getting in front of these allegations, identifying any misunderstandings or working out a payment plan without admitting any wrongdoing is critical.

Recognizing that these potential criminal prosecutions can cause the same degree of havoc to careers, livelihoods and futures, the New York criminal defense attorneys at Crotty Saland PC, have, and will zealously fight to prevent these investigations from escalating beyond the respective agency. With planning, foresight and effort, Crotty Saland PC has successfully negotiated financial terms and quashed threats of criminal prosecution at the agency level for clients investigated by these bodies and can put you in the best place to successfully resolve your matter in the same fashion.

Navigating the Criminal Justice, Juvenile Crime and Family Court System is a Formidable Task

Well after your case is closed, the collateral consequences of a criminal allegation, including those involving New York’s Juvenile and Family Court system, can disrupt your life and that of your family for years to come. When immigration issues evolve to further complicate matters, you will find yourself on the precipice of great danger and exposure. It makes no difference if you are a teacher, physician, lawyer, financial services professional, foreign national or one of the millions of regular hard-working individuals who live, work or visit New York each year. Ramifications of an arrest can prevent you from pursuing a career, maintaining a professional license, remaining in the United States or simply providing for your family.

Whether you are a victim of a crime, target of Extortion, saddled with an order of protection, or a defendant accused of criminal wrongdoing, Crotty Saland PC is conscious of the countless dangers that lurk ahead. Irrespective of your legal issue involving the United States Attorney’s Office, FBI, IRS, Secret Service or other Federal agency or the same involving the New York City Police Department, New York State Attorney General’s Office or a local District Attorney’s Office, you need to take the steps today to protect yourself today as well as tomorrow. If you are a victim of a crime or you are aware of fraudulent conduct, you need not sit idly by and remain silent.

Simply, you may have only one chance to properly defend or protect yourself. With your liberty, name, career, future and family on the line, there is no substitute for experience, advocacy and knowledge. Contact the former prosecutors and New York criminal lawyers, Juvenile Crime advocates, Family Court lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC to identify and implement your strongest defense or strategy today.

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... I was facing a class B felony and potentially tens of thousands in fines and some legit jail time and after hiring Jeremy Saland he obviously struck enough fear into the prosecutors with his sheer litigation might that it was knocked down to a petty misdemeanor and after a few sheckles and a handful of counseling sessions, I will no longer have a criminal record.
The offices of Crotty Saland are the Shaq and Kobe of criminal defense in New York City and to even consider another firm is outright blasphemy.
I stand by this statement 100%
Let me start by saying how amazing Liz Crotty is! I am a resident of California, who needed representation for my son who received a desk citation while he was visiting NYC. Liz jumped on the case right away; she was very thorough in explaining things to me. She is strictly business too! She went to court on my son's behalf and had his case dismissed. I am forever grateful to her. Seana G.
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