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New York Embezzlement Arrest Process

Bringing forward a charge of embezzlement is done in one of a few ways. The first is if the person is arrested for the charge.

In that scenario, the police will either go to the person’s residence or their place of business and arrest them on a New York embezzlement charge.

The arrest process for an embezzlement charge in New York City can sometimes be complex. It is important for an individual to know their rights during this process, and understand what can and cannot be used in their case. To do so, an individual should not hesitate before contacting a New York theft lawyer.

Arrest Process

Instead of arresting the person at their residence or place of business, law enforcement may call the individual and hope that they are able to confirm their identity, where they live, and possibly get them to come to the station to speak with them.

Officers will sometimes call these individuals and pretend that the individual has either been a witness or victim of a crime, and they are asking for their cooperation by speaking with them at the police station.

Further, law enforcement may stop an individual’s car as part of the New York City embezzlement arrest process and issue them a warning for a claimed infraction. This is simply so that law enforcement can get close to an individual prior to their arrest.

Avoiding an Admission of Guilt

In those scenarios, it does not behoove the person ever to say that they are sorry. This is to prevent the person from making an admission of guilt. Law enforcement may be able to find out the circumstances of the charge on their own.

Admitting some sort of involvement or apologizing does not help an individual’s case. They should be smart before they speak with police or prosecutors during the New York embezzlement arrest process.

Gathering Evidence

Law enforcement will be able to uncover the evidence in an embezzlement case without the individual admitting an admission of guilt.

For example, an individual may be wiring money out that they are embezzling. Further, they may have bought a luxury vehicle with money that otherwise they may not be able to obtain, which can make law enforcement suspicious. The police will subpoena records as part of the New York embezzlement arrest process to ascertain how the money was spent.

Apologizing to the court, saying where the money went, and claiming that they are going to pay it back is an admission. It will be used against an individual throughout the case process.

Custody Proceedings

After being arrested, law enforcement will take an individual into custody, put them into central booking within New York, and face a judge.

At this point, the prosecutor is going to ask for bail. The prosecutor may also ask for a 72-hour surety hearing at this point in the New York embezzlement arrest process.

This legal process can become overwhelming quite quickly. An individual should not proceed any further without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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