Evidence in a New York Embezzlement Case

When gathering evidence in a New York embezzlement case, an attorney will determine what proof exists that links the individual to the crime. For example, a lawyer may first try and understand whether the money was taken out in cash, whether it was a wired transaction, a check transaction, or a credit card transaction.

There are many other elements that the prosecution must prove in an embezzlement case to bring forward a conviction. To best understand the role of evidence in your New York City embezzlement case, consult with an attorney immediately. A New York theft lawyer can build a case to help produce a successful outcome on your behalf.

Elements to Determine

When understanding what evidence is present in a New York embezzlement case, an attorney will look to determine if the person made any statements or admissions that may link them to the crime.

There are two elements involved in an embezzlement case. The first is whether or not the individual is linked to the case, what evidence exists that proves that, whether the individual has the ability to pay back any of the money that they were accused of stealing, and what defenses may exist to help them.

An Employer’s Wrongdoing

However, if the person was not in the capacity to know what they were doing was wrong, or has any leverage against the employer or information that the prosecutors may want, that may be valuable. This could help protect the individual, as they can direct law enforcement, through their attorney, to any wrongdoing on behalf of the business they are part of.

Many times, an attorney can challenge the search warrants against an individual. However, they may attempt to direct law enforcement to their employer if they have committed a worse crime over an extended period.

Benefit of a Lawyer

It is important to gain the assistance of an attorney in a New York embezzlement case because the crime can sometimes produce severe penalties. Because the crime can seriously harm multiple individuals as well as businesses, there are periods of significant incarceration that can result from an embezzlement conviction.

If the person does not hire experienced counsel, they will proceed at their own risk. Further, an individual can compromise or compound the situation by hiring someone who has a lack of experience.

When beginning to combat the evidence in their New York City embezzlement case, an individual must identify their defenses. The person does not have to initially implement that defense, but must be prepared as their case unfolds. However, the longer the person waits, if they do not have an experienced lawyer, they are jeopardizing their ability to stay out of custody after the case resolves.

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