Common Misconceptions About Credit Card Fraud

There are many common misconceptions that an individual may believe about New York credit card fraud. A person may think that since the value of the taking may have only been a few dollars, the crime did not hurt anybody.

Further, an individual may believe that the credit card company will fix the problem, or that the person did not actually steal the credit card, but instead found it.

People tend to minimize their conduct and do not recognize that just about any crime involving a person’s credit card is going to be a felony. If you have been charged with fraud and are seeking an effective defense, it is imperative to consult with a New York fraud attorney as soon as possible.

Common Misconceptions

Even when the dollar amount surrounding the fraud charge in New York City is insignificant, or if the person did not even use the credit card at all, simply the theft alone is enough to constitute a charge of fraud.

Once the individual begins using that credit card, they are opening themselves up to potential charges of forgery, forged instruments, and identity theft crimes. These charges have the potential to enhance the individual’s offense.

Severity of the Crime

In some instances, an individual may have made several different credit cards and committed fraud in many different stores. Or, an individual may legally and lawfully have a credit card associated with their business or company, but they abuse their privileges and make personal transactions. This individual may be looking at years in state prison.

What is equally concerning, but on a much lower level, is if an individual mistakenly uses another person’s credit card. This may occur if an individual accidentally uses another individual’s card while shopping at the convenience store, at the bar, or in a taxi, perhaps.

Even though these transactions may not be significant, they are considered felony acts. An individual could be facing career-damaging allegations over a charge that may have only been a few dollars.

Consequences of a Fraud Conviction

Another common misconception about credit card fraud is that a small amount of fraud cannot constitute a serious penalty. However, credit card fraud does not have to be part of an enormous fraud scheme for an individual to be charged.

If a credit card owner makes a complaint of only a few dollars because of a stolen or fraudulent credit card, the police will still take the charge incredibly seriously. Law enforcement is going to pull the video surveillance from wherever the individual was accused of committing credit card fraud, and will confront the alleged criminal. If found guilty, an individual’s career and livelihood is at risk, aside from potential incarceration.

It is important that an individual does not believe that they are exempt from the law if the fraud only involves a small amount of money, or that they used the card accidentally. Such common misconceptions can land a person in jail depending on the severity of the charge.

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