Enterprise Corruption

Enterprise Corruption is one of the strongest tools in a prosecutor's arsenal and one of the most serious "white collar" or non–violent crimes in the New York Penal Code. A "B" felony carrying a mandatory minimum term of incarceration, Enterprise Corruption, pursuant to New York Penal Law 460.20, is punishable by up to 25 years in prison and is often associated with organized crime and RICO offenses. Whether you are being prosecuted in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Westchester County, Enterprise Corruption is rarely a sole count on an indictment, but often one with the most severely punished. In fact, investigations, arrests and indictments for Enterprise Corruption usually allege additional felony crimes including:

Having addressed how serious New York Penal Law section 460.20 is, the following is general description of a very convoluted and intricate criminal statute and scheme. While a precise definition and detailed analysis of an Enterprise Corruption allegation requires a consultation with a New York criminal defense attorney, this crime occurs when you knowingly are involved and associated with an enterprise or "organization" that you know is criminal in nature. Additionally, there are some other requirements such as participating in the affairs of the organization or being involved in a course of criminal conduct associated with that criminal organization. Another alternative is that you invest proceeds in that criminal enterprise or you have an interest in that criminal enterprise.

Again, because Enterprise Corruption is a complex statute and associated with other crimes, the above definition is merely for general guidance as to the law. If you are charged with or being investigated for violating New York Penal Law 460.20, further vet the alleged evidence against you with your New York criminal defense lawyer.

For further information on the necessity of an "ascertainable structure" in Enterprise Corruption cases, please follow the highlighted link to the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog at newyorkcriminallawyer-blog.com. Moreover, to review newsworthy cases involving Enterprise Corruption in the New York City area, please search the blog for Enterprise Corruption.

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