Juvenile Crimes

Your son or daughter is charged with an offense that is a felony. Maybe your child merely did "something stupid" and now he or she is under arrest. Moreover, up until now, your child has been a terrific student and all around "good kid." The last thing you want is to see any type of blemish on your child's record or any type of record that could impact his or her bright future. You need to contact an experienced New York City juvenile crime defense lawyer.

If your child is charged with and crime or is suspended from school due to any type of inappropriate behavior, it is essential to seek out representation by an attorney who has the experience representing children and juveniles in criminal and school suspension/disciplinary proceedings. While any conviction or adjudication for a criminal offense is potentially damaging to one's livelihood, integrity and freedom, the impact on a child may be devastating by closing doors and limiting that child's future.

In the event your child finds himself or herself in this type of situation, you should retain counsel who will explain the juvenile process, teach you about the sealing of juvenile records, and most importantly, listen to your concerns so that he or she can zealously fight for your child's rights. Jeremy Saland, a former prosecutor under Robert Morgenthau in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, is not merely a New York City criminal defense attorney, but a lawyer with the hand's on experience and training to fight efficiently and effectively on behalf of your child.

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