Public Lewdness: New York Penal Law 245.00

Any arrest is an embarrassment. Whether you are ultimately vindicated, plea to a lesser offense or are convicted after trial, the shame of an arrest in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or any where in the metropolitan area can make New York City seem like a very small place. While other offenses and crimes may technically be more serious in terms of punishment, Public Lewdness, pursuant to New York Penal Law 245.00, probably ranks up high on the list of criminal offenses ian New York that can lead to ridicule, employment problems and other collateral issues.

Sometimes the result of a silly stunt of exposing one’s private areas or being caught in a compromising sexual situation, the end charge is the same. That is, if you are arrested for Public Lewdness you will face a “B” misdemeanor. Should you be convicted you will have a permanent criminal record and face up to ninety days in jail.

If you are arrested for NY PL 245.00 prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally exposed the “private” or “intimate” parts of your body in lewd manner or you committed another lewd act in a public place. Being in a private place, however, does not insulate you from prosecution. In the event your conduct is the same as described above and it is in a private premises, but you actions establish a circumstance where you may be readily observed from a public place (in front of a window facing the street, for example) or from another private premises with the intent that you are observed, then you would also be guilty of this crime.

As New York criminal lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors, the criminal defense attorneys at Crotty Saland PC recognize that no crime is small or insignificant especially when you are the person facing the allegation. Arrests for Public Lewdness are no different. Whether it is working out a disposition to avoid a criminal record, seeking a dismissal based on procedural or evidentiary grounds or taking the case to trial if it is required, our criminal laws will do our best to not only represent you in criminal court, but to minimize any collateral damages. Don’t compound an already bad situation. Take the right step to protect your future.

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