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New York Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges differ from other kinds of charges because they don’t require a person to handle illegal drugs. Simply agreeing to commit an illegal act with another person can get a person charged with drug conspiracy.

If one of the people in the agreement took significant steps towards actually putting their plan into action, they can be found guilty and sent to prison.

Drug conspiracy charges are incredibly serious. If you have been charged with such a crime, reach out to a New York drug conspiracy lawyer today. A qualified drug attorney can build a solid case for you.

New York Drug Conspiracy Laws

Federal law allows prosecutors to pursue charges against those who conspire to commit a crime, even if they did not go through with the crime. That means a phone call or simple conversation could land a person in prison.

When it comes to drug trafficking conspiracy, the law allows the convicted persons to face penalties they normally would have had they actually committed the crime about which they conspired.

This differs from other forms of conspiracy charges. Only drug conspiracy laws allow prosecutors to hold those convicted of conspiring to also be held responsible for theoretical crimes. Because drug conspiracy laws don’t require an overt act in order to convict a person, a strong, knowledgeable New York drug conspiracy law is invaluable.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

Police can and will use any tool at their disposal to investigate drug conspiracy crimes. Confidential informants, undercover detectives and surveillance are all used to expose such crimes in New York. Drug conspiracies are also frequently discovered through the financial side of the crime.

Suspicious bank activity can alert police to criminal behaviors. Efforts to launder money are often a red flag for banks and credit unions, who report such concerns to the authorities.

Penalties and Sentencing

Those convicted of drug conspiracy can be sentenced to many years in a federal prison. Of course, because a person convicted of drug conspiracy can also be held responsible for the crimes they intended to commit, they can face other charges and therefore other sentences. Their property can be seized by the government if it was used in connection with their crime.

People convicted of drug conspiracy can and do find themselves behind bars. In addition, those convicted of drug conspiracy often face difficulty getting and keeping jobs, the loss of their driver’s license and a strike on their record.To prevent this from happening, individuals accused of drug conspiracy should reach out to a New York drug conspiracy lawyer to begin establishing a defense.

Talking to a New York Drug Attorney

Drug conspiracy cases can be incredibly complex, requiring the presence of a knowledgeable attorney who can aggressively defend the accused. Navigating the murky legal waters surrounding drug conspiracy can be a challenge. That is why you should reach out to a New York drug conspiracy lawyer that can work tirelessly to defend you.

If you have been charged with drug conspiracy in New York, an attorney as soon as possible. They can thoroughly investigate your case and work vigorously to defend your rights.

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