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New York Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance to a Child Lawyer

Given the range of devastating societal effects illegal drug use and sales are known to have, it is not surprising that the state of New York treats crimes in this realm extremely seriously.

In that vein, the offense of selling controlled substances to a minor is considered to be especially egregious and carries with it the potential for significant penalties upon conviction. If you have been charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child, the time to marshal an aggressive legal defense is now. Contact a New York criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child lawyer  who can defend you

Key Facts About New York Penal Law 220.48

According to New York Penal Law 220.48, an individual will be found guilty of engaging in the criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child provided the prosecution establishes that they were over the age of 21 and knowingly and unlawfully sold one or more drugs included on the statutory schedule of illegal substances to someone under the age of 17.

This offense is a class B felony, and as such, has the ability to yield severe penalties at sentencing.

It should be noted that the offense of selling controlled substances to minors is one that is often inextricably linked to other crimes in the same realm. These could include those related to child endangerment as described by New York Penal Law 260.10 and/or criminal sale of controlled substances in or near a school facility, as articulated by New York Penal Law 220.44.

Conviction on one or more such crimes in addition to the sale of controlled substances to a child could significantly extend the period of incarceration to which an individual is ultimately sentenced.

Penalties Upon Conviction of Selling Controlled Substances to a Child

Because the New York legislature has made criminalizing drug sales to minors a top priority, the punishments meted out to those convicted of the offense can be quite onerous indeed. Individuals without prior felonies are likely to face a sentence of between five and 25 years in prison.

Those whose records include past felony convictions, no matter the type, can anticipate a sentence of 10 to 15 years. Monetary fines imposed for selling controlled substances to minors can rise all the way to $30,000 under certain circumstances. A New York criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child lawyer can attempt to mitigate the charges a person may face.

Lasting Impact of Drug-Related Convictions

There can be little doubt that the formal penalties for running afoul of New York drug laws can be profoundly devastating, but the ancillary ramifications can also prove truly crippling.

Those with a criminal record encompassing drug crimes regularly face years of difficulty in terms of securing and retaining solid employment. Professional licenses may be lost, custodial arrangements unfavorably altered and familial relationships effectively ruined by conviction and subsequent imprisonment.

These harsh realities only highlight the critical importance of obtaining the assistance of a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible following the issuance of any drug-related charge.

Employing Effective Defense Techniques in Drug Cases

The zeal with which drug-related offenses, particularly those involving minors are prosecuted in New York can cause defendants to feel as though they have no hope of prevailing.

However, because the state is required to prove all elements of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt, a seasoned attorney can often bring multiple strategies to bear on a defendant's behalf.

These could be related to the constitutionality of searches, the interrogation techniques used by police or whether the relevant volume threshold for a given substance was in fact met in the alleged sale.

Fighting for the Rights of New York Drug Defendants

Aside from homicide and assault crimes, few offenses are pursued by prosecutors with the same determination as illegal conduct related to drugs. Conviction on charges within this classification can be permanently life-altering not only for defendants themselves but for their entire families because of the seriousness of the penalties routinely imposed.

If you have been or expect to be charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child, there is no time to waste in crafting a strong defense. Get in touch with a New York criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child lawyer, who can build your case.

Call the New York Controlled Substance Defense Lawyers and Former Manhattan Prosecutors at (212) 312-7129 or contact us online today.

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