Drug and Narcotics Crimes

You were smoking marijuana outside your apartment with a couple of friends in Manhattan. You had a small baggie with some cocaine in White Plains. Maybe you got caught selling ecstasy or heroin to an undercover police officer in Brooklyn. Even worse, the car you were riding in was stopped and the police recovered a significant amount of cocaine or a detective is knocking on your door and investigating you for selling prescription medicines or writing illegal prescriptions. You need to contact an experienced New York drug crime defense lawyer.

As you can tell from these scenarios, drug and narcotic crimes present themselves in a wide variety of ways and throughout New York. Just as varied as the crimes themselves, the punishment for these offenses can be as insignificant as a fine or as significant as a term of imprisonment exceeding ten, twelve or even more years.

Some of the types of crimes classified under the drug and narcotic umbrella include:

Because of the nature of the drug offenses and the regularity of these crimes being perpetrated, the police and prosecutors are prepared to move forward with these cases in a relatively easy manner. Therefore, it is imperative to retain counsel with real experience to protect your rights, liberty, integrity and livelihood. As a former prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, now a Manhattan, New York drug crime defense attorney, Jeremy Saland and his law firm have the real world training and experience to zealously fight on your behalf to try to get you where you want, and need, to be.

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