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Special Grand Jury Recommends Charges Against 39 in GA Election Case -- CNN With Attorney Saland

Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges and Case Explained by Criminal Lawyer Jeremy Saland on CNN

Trump’s Request to Separate His Case From Codefendants, Discussed on CNN With Attorney Jeremy Saland

CNN: Jeremy Saland, Former Prosecutor Talks About 1st Televised Hearing in Trump’s GA Election Case

Pending Meadows’ Bid to Move Case to Federal Court, Analysis Provided by Lawyer Jeremy Saland on CNN

Attorney Jeremy Saland Talks About Trump’s Trial Set for Mar. 4, 2024 & Other Legal Challenges

Criminal Attorney Jeremy Saland Slams Taylor Greene’s Photoshopped Post as ‘Deplorable’ on CNN

Former Manhattan Assistant DA Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump’s Georgia and Federal Cases on CNN

Former Prosecutor Saland Talks About Two Trump Co-defendants Surrendering in Fulton Co. On CNN

Saland Fmr Manhattan Prosecutor Explains Trump, Co-defendants & Rico Charges & Georgia Indictments

Trump Expected to Surrender at End of Next Week, Criminal Lawyer Saland Discusses What’s Next on CNN

Jeremy Saland Was the Assistant DA in Manhattan. Hear How Likely He Thinks a Trump Arrest Is on CNN

Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Saland Analyzes Trumps’ 34 Felony Charges on CNN

Trump’s 3rd Indictment for Jan. 6th Events, Pence Key Witness, Discussed on CNN With Attorney Saland

Attorney Jeremy Saland in CNN Discussion: Trump’s Role in Politicized Indictments & Election Results

Jeremy Saland & Experts Question Speedy Trial for Trump: National Security & Political Impact - CNN

Jeremy Saland on CNN: Judge Orders Trump Lawyers to Get Security Clearances

Manhattan Former Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump Hush Money Investigation

Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Saland Explains Marine Veteran Penny Manslaughter Charge on CNN

Jeremy Saland’s Views on the Handling of Trump’s Classified Documents Case on CNN

Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump 7 Counts in Classified Docs on CNN

Trump Pleads Not Guilty in Docs Case and What’s Next, Jeremy Saland Discusses on CNN

Trump’s Arraignment in Docs Case Analyzed on CNN With Former Prosecutor Jeremy Saland

Trump's Legal Woes Discussed on CNN with Attorney Jeremy Saland

Attorney Jeremy Saland Provides Legal Analysis on Trump’s Grand Jury Proceedings on CNN

Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump’s Indictment on CNN

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Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Grand Jury’s Delay on Trump’s Case on MSNBC

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Fox 5 News

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Saland Talks About Trump’s Indictment on Fox 5 News

Subway Choking Interview With Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Saland on FOX 5 News

Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump’s Criminal Case and Legal Implications on Fox 5 News.

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Spectrum News

Attorney Jeremy Saland on NY1: Discusses What Happens if Trump Indicted

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Jordan Neely's Death on Spectrum NY1

Attorney Saland Discusses Legal Cases of Daniel Penny and Donald Trump on Spectrum News

Former Manhattan DA Jeremy Saland Discusses Santos & Trump Trials on Spectrum News

NYC Attorney Jeremy Saland Provides Insight Into Charges Against Daniel Penny

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Saland Discusses Trump's Charges on Spectrum News.

Analyzing the Proposed Clean Slate Act on NY1: Legal Expert Attorney Jeremy Saland Weighs In

Attorney Jeremy Saland Talks About Grand Jury & Trump Investigation on Spectrum News.

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Caroline Giuliani Makes Deal in Shoplifting Case.

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... I was facing a class B felony and potentially tens of thousands in fines and some legit jail time and after hiring Jeremy Saland he obviously struck enough fear into the prosecutors with his sheer litigation might that it was knocked down to a petty misdemeanor and after a few sheckles and a handful of counseling sessions, I will no longer have a criminal record. The offices of Saland Law are the Shaq and Kobe of criminal defense in New York City and to even consider another firm is outright blasphemy. I stand by this statement 100% Evan
Let me start by saying how amazing Liz Crotty is! I am a resident of California, who needed representation for my son who received a desk citation while he was visiting NYC. Liz jumped on the case right away; she was very thorough in explaining things to me. She is strictly business too! She went to court on my son's behalf and had his case dismissed. I am forever grateful to her. Seana G.
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