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Cornell Arrests, Disciplinary Hearing & Title IX Misconduct Investigations

Founded in 1865, Cornell University is an Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell is organized into seven distinct colleges as well as seven separate graduate schools at the main campus in upstate New York. Each of these colleges is more or less autonomous, with their own admission standards and programs. The University also has a medical satellite campus in New York City on Roosevelt Island. It's worth noting that three of the seven undergraduate colleges and one of the seven graduate programs are state-supported through the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

Like all universities, Cornell has various policies and procedures under Title IX relating to sexual misconduct, bias, harassment, and various other forms of discrimination. At Cornell University, this is referred to as Policy 6.4, entitled “Prohibited Bias, Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual and Related Misconduct.” Simply, no student or faculty member should have any misgivings or misunderstandings. Cornell University publicly states that it complies with applicable state and federal statutes, including Title IX of the Federal Higher Education Amendment of 1972. This statute prohibits such discrimination on the basis of sex in educational environments, programs or activity receiving federal financial aid. If you run afoul of this regulation or are the victim of a Title IX infraction at Cornell University, to best protect your status or ensure your abuser is held accountable, securing the counsel of an experienced Title IX lawyer or a Cornell University Title IX attorney is critical.

Cornell University Title IX Resources

Cornell University has a dedicated informational website that also allows students and others to report or make complaints of gender-based harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other criminal or Title IX related infractions. With or without the assistance of a Title IX attorney, a victim also has the ability to report misconduct to the University through other methods. Additionally, theUniversity has a SHARE program and website that provides information and services to it’s community regarding sexual harassment, discrimination and other forms of violence.

Reporting Misconduct at Cornell University

Cornell University distinguishes between different types of misconduct conduct. Depending on an alleged wrongdoing, there is an associated procedure for each category of offense or complaint under Policy 6.4, “Prohibited Bias, Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual and Related Misconduct.” These categories are broadly distinguished by the category of the people involved, whether it is students, staff and/or faculty.

Misconduct Reports Against Students

For reports against students at the Ithaca campus, if the student has been accused of committing some form of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, gender-based harassment, stalking, aiding someone else in perpetrating one of these forms of conduct, attempting to commit prohibited conduct, retaliation against someone else who has reported such conduct, or violating an interim order that was issued in relation to a complaint and investigation, the complaining individual must contact the University Title IX Coordinator

Misconduct Reports Against Staff on Ithaca Campus

For reports and complaints against members of the Cornell University Staff at the Ithaca campus, where the staff member is being accused of committing discrimination, sexual violence, sexual assault, harassment, or retaliation against someone for reporting this kind of conduct, the complaining individual must contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff and Faculty and Director, Workforce Policy and Labor Relations

Misconduct Reports Against Faculty on Ithaca Campus

For reports and complaints against faculty on the Ithaca campus of Cornell University, where the faculty member is accused of committing discrimination, sexual violence, sexual assault, harassment, or retaliation against a person form making such a complaint of misconduct, the individual making the complaint must contact also contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff and Faculty and Director, Workforce Policy and Labor Relations

Misconduct Reports in the Context of Intercollegiate Athletics

If the alleged sexual harassment or other form of discrimination is supposed to have taken place in the context of participation in intercollegiate athletics, such as between a player and coach, the person making the complaint must contact the Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator.

If you have been the victim of gender-based discrimination, or any form of discrimination, or you have been accused of sexual harassment or some other form of sexual violence, it is imperative that you seek the advice of an attorney who has experience in the Title IX context as well as in investigations and criminal or quasi-criminal practice. The Title IX and Student Disciplinary Hearing lawyers at Saland Law, founded by two former Manhattan prosecutors, represent clients in such cases at Cornell University and at other educational institutions throughout New York State. Simply, with sanctions and punishments including expulsion and even criminal charges for an accused violator of Title IX and the risk that you will not be provided with the safety measures you need nor proper weight to your claims, the right Title IX counsel can make the difference between your success and failure.

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