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When you receive the first email, phone call, text or other communication, the thought racing through your head is something along the line of, “I am being extorted and blackmailed. What do I do? Who should I call to make the extorter stop? Is this ever going to end?” While no criminal attorney or Extortion lawyer can answer your question with complete certainty, if you take the right steps, follow the guidance of your counsel, and seize control of the situation, then you can put yourself in the best place to end your victimization and harassment.

When you are threatened, harassed, blackmailed, hacked or extorted, or a person attempts to do the same, there are steps you can take and avenues you can pursue to protect yourself. Do not let your fear dictate your response. Be rational and thorough. While every case is unique, victimization doesn’t end by ignoring it. Instead, if you fail you fail to act and seize control, families are destroyed and careers ruined.

Protecting Yourself from Extortion, Revenge Porn and Harassment: Law Enforcement

One option to pursue with your attorney when confronted with Blackmail or other victimization is to go directly to a law enforcement agency such as the NYPD, Manhattan District Attorney, or Attorney General. In such a scenario, detectives and / or prosecutors can investigate allegations while utilizing both the court system and New York Penal Law as your sword and shield. Certainly, there is no dispute that law enforcement can use a wide variety of investigatory tool such as controlled calls, subpoenaing text, email, computer and mobile phone records, and executing search warrants.

Before going to law enforcement, however, there are many questions that you must ask of your lawyer. Should you attempt to go directly to prosecutors and bypass the police or file a complaint at your local precinct? Even if you know you want to go to law enforcement, can your attorney and a private investigator build a case and secure evidence in a more efficient manner that also limits public exposure? Addressing this last question, how can law enforcement assure you of your privacy? The answer? They cannot. Certainly, after an arrest, the record becomes public. Additionally, know that once you hand over the investigation of your case to the District Attorney or NYPD, for example, law enforcement controls the trajectory of the case, not you. Simply, the law enforcement route may be the correct one for you, but you should strongly consider retaining legal counsel prior to filing a complaint or stepping foot in a precinct. Do not forget that the arrest of your extorter or harasser, and the issuance of an order of protection by a criminal court judge, may be the best way to put an end to your Revenge Porn victimization, Harassment, Coercion, Stalking or Blackmail, but before engaging law enforcement understand all your options first.

Protecting Yourself from Extortion, Revenge Porn and Harassment: Family Court

Another route to stop Harassment, Extortion, Blackmail and Stalking is to pursue an order of protection in Family Court. While this is not the New York Criminal Court with criminal consequences to your harasser, a mechanism exists to give you an Order of Protection without an arrest. This option can potentially provide you with more privacy while also allowing for a Restraining Order that has the same value and effect as one issued in New York Criminal Court. That said, you abuser must have some intimate or familial relationship for a New York Family Court to have jurisdiction over your case. If secrecy and privacy is important to you, filing a petition in Family Court, after it is drafted by your Order of Protection attorney, is an option to consider.

Keep in mind that if you and your counsel determine that filing a petition for an Order of Protection in a New York Family Court is the most viable means to stop your abuse, nothing precludes your from also filing a complaint with the NYPD or local police department or working with your attorney to present a case directly to the District Attorney.

Protecting Yourself from Extortion, Revenge Porn and Harassment: Crotty Saland PC

There is a reason why high net worth individuals, accomplished business persons, celebrities and anyone in the public domain, or those simply recognizing the necessity for privacy as it relates to their family and professional life, seek counsel to manage threats of Extortion, Blackmail, Revenge Porn, Harassment and other threats to their wellbeing. When they do so, they consult with and retain the New York criminal lawyers and former prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC. Simply, recognizing that each client and case is unique, our Extortion and Blackmail protection attorneys have represented countless clients who are on the precipice of destruction at the hands of former affairs, spouses, lovers, business partners, “flings,” and other self-serving abusers.

When you secure the counsel of Crotty Saland PC and our Blackmail and Revenge Porn attorneys, your lawyer, along with investigators and former detectives, can take on the role of prosecutor and detective. Just as we worked alongside one another as Assistant District Attorneys and NYPD Detectives, we will identify the best strategy to terminate the Blackmail, Harassment, Coercion, Stalking and Revenge Porn, or threats of the same in a discrete and efficient manner without jeopardizing your ability to pursue any of the options above. A cease and desist letter, in the form of a compelling and legally persuasive memo, along with a visit from investigators, has an overwhelming value. At the same time, because your attorneys and former detectives have either developed or put together a case based on controlled calls, a review of text or email records and statements from your Blackmailer, should you decide to go to law enforcement, Crotty Saland PC can bring the packaged case directly to a prosecutor to hold your tormentor accountable. Equally important, you, not any other person, remain in control of the case.

Ultimately, there are many wild cards in handling the dynamic nature of Extortion, Blackmail, Aggravated Harassment, Stalking, Revenge Porn, Coercion, Computer Fraud or other form of victimization by an ex-lover, affair, business partner or some random individual who may, or may not, have damaging information. Getting in front of the issue and seeking the service of an experienced attorney in these matters can mean the difference between shame, humiliation, ongoing financial and marital trauma or ruin and closure of a harrowing and anxiety driven experience.

Don’t act rashly and delete emails or texts from your harasser. Don’t merely react and block your extorter. Don’t acquiesce to criminal demands for money with the hope that if you are compliant life will return to normal. Protect yourself and get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

There is no greater time then now to seek out advocacy, knowledge and experience. The alternative is devastation from which you might never recover.

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