Tampering With a Witness

TAMPERING WITH A WITNESS (NY PL 215.10, 215.11, 215.12 & 215.13)

Tampering with a Witness, pursuant to New York Penal Law sections 215.10, 215.11, 215.12 and 215.13, is a crime that prosecutors in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens) take extremely seriously. Make no mistake. If you perpetrate any degree of Tampering with a Witness, you will face significant consequences that will require the assistance of an experienced New York criminal lawyer to navigate.

Although often confused with Witness Intimidation (a comparison between the two crimes can be found here), Tampering with a Witness is a distinct and separate crime in New York State. If you attempt to or induce a person not to show up to a proceeding (such as a court hearing or the grand jury), this crime has been committed. Punishment for Tampering with a Witness runs the gamut and can be as "little" as up to a year in jail. If you are arrested for the misdemeanor charge in New York City or any of the municipalities in Westchester County, that year would be served on Rikers Island or the Westchestter County Jail in Valhalla respectively. The more serious felony degrees of Tampering with a Witness can land you in state prison for up to twenty five years.

The links above addressing the different degrees of Tampering with a Witness contain further legal analysis as to each of the charges. While the information contained there will give you the platform and parameters of the crimes of Tampering with a Witness, consult with a New York criminal defense attorney to analyze the particular set of facts in your case and ascertain the potential defenses to those allegations.

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