Tampering With a Witness in the First Degree


Make no mistake. Ask any New York criminal defense attorney. If you are convicted of Tampering with a Witness in the First Degree (New York Penal Law 215.13), you will go to state prison. Not only is prison mandatory, but the maximum sentence for a first time offender is as great as twenty five years.

The major difference between Tampering with a Witness in the First Degree as compared to Tampering with a Witness in the Second Degree is the level of the injury. While the lesser crime of NY PL 215.12 requires “physical injury,” in order to satisfy the elements of NY PL 215.13 you must intentionally cause “serious physical injury” to another person and you must do so in order to attempt to or actually prevent, delay or obstruct a person from testifying or appearing at a proceeding.

Additional information on the varying crimes associated with Tampering with a Witness can be found through the highlighted link. To analyze and assess your particular facts and case, contact a New York criminal defense lawyer.

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