Robbery in the Third Degree

When you forcibly steal property from a person, without the use of any type of weapon, you have committed the crime of Robbery in the Third Degree. This force could be a push, punch, or shoulder grab and tug. It is fairly simple for prosecutors to establish the requisite amount of force to charge the accused with Robbery after the police have arrested him or her.

Robbery in the Third Degree does not require a mandatory term of imprisonment like the higher degrees of this crime. However, the maximum term of prison is two and one third to seven years in prison. If you are a predicate felon, meaning you have a prior felony conviction during the past ten years, the sentencing guideline changes to a minimum of two to four years in state prison to a maximum term three and one half to seven years in prison.

As noted in the main Robbery page, this offense is often charged with other crimes and can include higher level or degrees of offenses based on the value of the property stolen.

The criminal defense attorneys at Crotty Saland PC have represented and even prosecuted individuals charged with Robbery as former Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys. Crotty Saland PC represents the accused in all criminal matters throughout the New York City region.

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